Image and Logo Terms of Use

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The MARTiAL YOU logos are trademarks and consists of 3 main variations, a combination of 4 elements per variation used together and 2 basic orientations for display horizontally or vertically.

The 4 elements of each logo are:

  1. the words "MARTiAL YOU" on the left which utilizes 2 lines and has the word "MARTiAL" above the word "YOU" which is aligned to the right of the word "MARTiAL"
  2. the line underneath the letters "MART" in the word "MARTiAL" that connects to the top of the "Y" in the word "YOU"
  3. the lowercase "i" in the word "MARTiAL" that must match the color of the corresponding silhouette or KID text positioned to the right of the text "MARTiAL YOU"
  4. the silhouette or KID text to the right of the words "MARTiAL YOU" This is either a male or female silhouette or KID text

The trademark symbol must always be included whenever the logo is used and must be located in the exact orientation as displayed in each logo as shown below:


  Horizontal Variation Of Logo

Male Silhouette

This logo version was our first logo chosen to represent MARTiAL YOU. The design and layout was actually compared to several others then voted upon. The silhouette was created from an image of Shawn Hill the founder of MARTiAL YOU.

Shawn Hill currently teaches TaeKwonDo at the Bangor, Maine YMCA and holds a second dan (aka degree) in Olympic Style TaeKwonDo.


Female Silhouette

This logo version was implimented to represent women involved with martial arts and is slated to be used on equipment, gear, clothing and other items specifically used by women. The silhouette is of a local resident of Maine named Jacuelyn who holds a second degree black belt in Kempo Karate.

Jacuelyn was gracious enough to allow the use of her image in the creation of this logo to help promote the female gender in martial arts. Thank You!


KID Text

This logo version is a must for our kids. The logo was generated to represent all the kids in martial arts and will be featured on any equipment, gear, clothing or other items specifically used by kids. We really wanted our kids to be represented and have a cool way to express themselves.

This logo variation will printed in various colors as explained below.


TAG Line

Our current promotional tag line which appears under the logo on the website was generated by Shawn Hill after working on the "try again" video promotion. This tag line represents part of MARTiAL YOU's mission and may or may not be included with the main logo.  As of 5/01/2012 it has been integrated into our marketing and will be included in future advertisements.

 it's already there          unleash your potential


Below are the vertical variations of the logos.

This version is featured in places where horizontal width is limited and vertical length is not. You will see this logo on several items such as our uniform pant legs, water bottles, web graphics and other gear that is meant to be in a vertical orientation.

MARTiALYOU-logo-male-tm-vertical MARTiALYOU-logo-female-tm-vertical MARTiALYOU-logo-KID-tm-vertical

MartialYou-Logo-I-magnifyYou will also notice the word martial in our name and logo is capitalized with the exception of the letter "i" which signifies the individual striving to become better. Though the capital letters surrounding the lowercase "i" are larger and seem dominating, the lowercase "i" stands out and is easily seen. Deliberately leaving the "i" lowercase also allows us to represent how an individual can stand on their own or can work with others to complete a thought, an idea or a goal.

This is further emphasized in our logo by showing the letter "i" as a different color which always matches that of the silhouette.

Any use of the logo must include all of the above mentioned elements. Any change, modification or distortion of the logo is expressly forbidden.

The use of any typographical treatment of the letters MARTiAL YOU, without  any of its elements or any other graphic element does not substitute for the actual logo. For instance, the graphic treatment of the words MARTiAL YOU coupled with the silhouette but without the line under the text "MART" and connecting to the uppercase "Y" is not an official logo of the MARTiAL YOU.

When enlarging or reducing the size of the logo to fit your layout, the proportions of both the width and height must remain the same. For example, do not stretch the width of the logo by 20 percent without stretching the height of the logo 20 percent as well.



Currently our logos include 4 primary colors including black, red, white and in some cases pink and 4 secondary colors used in the KIDs version. These colors are used in the following ways:

The text MARTiAL YOU is shown in either the color black or white with the exception of the lowercase"i"
The trademark symbol associated with our logo is shown in either black or white
The male silhouette is shown in either black, white or red and must match the color of the lowercase "i" in the text "MARTiAL YOU"
The female silhouette is shown in either black, white, red or pink and must match the color of the lowercase "i" in the text "MARTiAL YOU"

The KID text is shown in either black,white, red, green, blue, yellow or orange and must match the color of the lowercase "i" in the text "MARTiAL YOU"

MartialYou-Logo-Kid-Green-200 MartialYou-Logo-Kid-Blue-200 MartialYou-Logo-Kid-Yellow-200 MartialYou-Logo-Kid-Orange-200

The logos above may also be displayed in one single uniform color when the use of multiple colors is unavailable, example: all black or all white


TAG Line

Our current promotions involve the use of a tag line, "it's already there        unleash your potential",  which represents part of our mission and helps describe it. Our tag line should always have  a minimum of 6 spaces between the word "there" and the word "unleash" in order to maintain seperation of the two phrases when used in a single line horizontal orientation.