My name is Shawn Hill, and for years, I have shared my knowledge and experience in the martial arts, through the privilege of teaching as a volunteer. It’s about helping others while asking nothing in return. It’s about connecting with your community and giving something back. And it’s all about creating opportunities where choices may be limited. I know I've made a difference… You can to. Share your experience, become a volunteer and unleash your potential!

Very few volunteers get the credit they deserve for the hard work and commitment they give. Some of the best representatives of humanity are not famous or well-known. They’re the hidden jewels that society tends to overlook. The volunteer mentors, coaches, councilors, instructors, teachers, humanitarian workers, and all those in between giving only to make a difference. These are the gems of our communities who go unrecognized most of the time and they are the ones who deserve our thanks.

Volunteering is something one does for others and not for the glory or recognition, and that’s why we don’t see these valuable people on news every day. Our society needs volunteers to make some of the best efforts possible from mentoring a child so that they aspire to become great to feeding the hungry to stop starvation. You can make a difference if you choose to. I have volunteered over a decade of my life to teach an art that I love in order to give my students an opportunity to benefit the way I did.

vol match logo org 400There are tons of charatable organizations that need quality volunteers and you can start by creating an account on so you can be notified of volunteer opportunies available to you.