Green Earth-Small

From electrical power to heating and waste management, our goal is to be as green as possible. One of the most important lessons martial arts teaches is that of an ever tuned balance with ourselves and our universe. It would seem hypocritical to teach balance while not practicing the very lessons taught, so one of the goals we have set forth is that of the balance with our environment.

In order to attain the greatest balance we will strive to make use of the most efficient electrical devices, heating and cooling methods, lighting and waste management procedures. From solar panels and wind generators to geothermal and smart thermal design, we will employ the best and most cost effective solutions to supply the facilitie's resource needs. Future additions of piezo-electric flooring to help supply electrical power and self-composting toilets to reduce our waste footprint will bring us that much closer to our goal.

It’s simple… we want to have the least negative impact on our community and the earth in general when it comes to consumption of resources. As we can afford to invest in green technologies we will integrate them into the facility.

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