Much of the detail work is being done behind the scenes and in the background right now. We are constantly seeking out ways to fundraise and create awareness of this project.

So far we have created the corporation MARTiAL YOU and successfully applied for and received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. At this point we are starting to advertise and generate promotional media to raise awareness and get people excited about our goals.

Once we can raise the funds of startup we hope to establish a non-profit based Martial Arts center in our community of Bangor, Maine. Ideally the center would be free to attend for those able and willing to learn. Conventionally the center will offer very low membership cost in order to keep the facility accessible to those that normally could not afford it. The center will work with volunteers to teach and donors to help with operational costs. Available grant opportunities will be researched and applied for in order to provide the best possible facility we can for those who use it.

We believe that creating a non-profit / 501c3 training center is the best opportunity to keep fees at an absolute minimum. With fundraising activities, donor support, grant funding and revenues generated by gear sales, we hope to keep martial arts accessible to our community. Throughout the process we will be calling upon all those willing and able to make this community training center a reality. Every aspect of this business outline will need attention by those skilled individuals willing to volunteer time.

Martial Arts School 1200

Right now, we will be looking for the following:

1) Students!!
2) Help with copyrights
3) Help with donations
4) Help with fundraising
5) Help with grant search and application
6) Help with location planning and facility choice
7) Help with advertising and marketing
8) Help with legal consulting/work related to branding
9) Volunteer instructors in different styles
10) Volunteer child care professionals

For more information on how to contribute please check our donations page.