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Well... Let me try and explain this using the lovely stock photo to your left. MARTiAL YOU is not for any specific group, gender, age or race. We are here for all those who can benefit from the study and practice of martial arts. Basically... everyone!

When we start talking benefits we have to include society as a whole. Society is made up of many individuals all with different wants, desires and needs. Each time we can add one more person who is confident in themselves, has respect for others, and is willing to work hard to become better and better, I believe society benefits.

Scale that thought down to the individual and you now have the possibility of a single person learning to achieve mental and physical skills, learning to reach goals and to overcome barriers, staying active and maintaining a healthier life style, and the list goes on and on. For more on some of the benefits check here:

Did You Know?: Kids Benefit From Martial Arts

Did You Know?: There are a few good reasons why women should participate in martial arts.

It's very difficult to measure the exact benefit our organization will have but we can estimate that countless people in the past have bettered themselves through the study and practice of a martial art. We can also estimate that our efforts to keep the martial arts accessible will allow a whole lot more to benefit now and in the future.

Because our efforts involve promoting martial arts in general, we hope this will spark much more awareness as to the rewards of hard work and practice these arts provide. From women's self-defense to preventing bullying with our kids to living a healthier life, martial arts can be a mechanism of success for those who feel it is right for them. 

MARTiAL YOU is for all those individuals in our community who are willing to learn and would like to study, train and possibly compete in the martial arts. For many the cost of joining a formal school is too high and prevents that first step. For others, already involved, the financial stress of today’s economy puts the study of martial arts on the back burner. We would like to remove that monetary obstacle and give as many as possible the chance to learn and practice these arts until they choose otherwise.