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Here you will find articles specifically written by me, (Mr. Hill). Currently I hold a 2nd Dan rank in Olympic Style Taekwondo and have been a volunteer instructor since 2004. In that time I have gained valuable experience and knowledge which I share with those in my classes and now the world by means of the internet.

One valuable lesson I tend to pass on after working with various martial artists over the years is to keep an open mind while learning and teaching. In the world of martial arts, there are many styles and in the world of each art such as Taekwondo, there are many variations of that style. Not everyone learns by the same exact methods, or learns the same exact techniques and not everyone teaches the same exact way.

All of the information I share is from my experiences of learning and teaching and can only be a supplement to your own individual studies.

As you look through the information on this site, it is important to know that because of variations in the teachings of Taekwondo, I have attempted to align curriculum and techniques as much as possible for our programs with World Taekwondo Federation approved references.

Even so, you will find differences among multiple WTF endorsed references and therefore exact tecniques, footwork, movement and positions may not match exactly with other schools. This is how the world of martial arts is. 

The variation is especially evident when it comes to poomse or forms. Almost no two books on Taekwondo show a form performed the same way. On top of that I have personally found that almost no two instructors, including masters, teach a form the exact same way. It is for this reason everyone should keep an open mind when interpreting techniques. 


Today, more than ever, people from all walks of life and from nearly every country around the globe are able to communicate with each other thanks to internet connectivity and the platforms known to us now as social media. You know… all those wonderful websites and apps that have gone from being a mere concept to becoming household names over the past decade, sparking millions of people to sign up, log in and connect.

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Tight jeans, hoodie tops, loose shoe laces, restrictive under garments and baggy pants falling below your waistline can work against you if the need arises to defending yourself.

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When talking about martial arts, a lot of us immediately think of those cool movies starring big names like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, and yes sometimes that guy named Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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One of the many benefits that can be obtained from practicing martial arts is that of fitness. It’s the darndest thing… Learning a martial art seems to require a person to move their body around! Go figure huh. Before I go on, lets grab some statistics from the CDC's website, look them over, and then I will layout some common sense in relation to martial arts and fitness..

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