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Spin Hook Hook 400

The awesome spinning hook kick that everyone loves to practice. Watch out for this technique because it works as a great defensive counter attack AND... Can knock you out! For many this is a difficult kick to master but for many seasoned veterans of the art, it is one of the main “go to” kicks. The hook kick can prove to be a great asset when striking a high target such as someone’s head! Many opponents will mistake the beginning of a spinning hook kick for that of another kick such as spinning back kick. Variations include the basic spinning hook, step in spinning hook, jump spinning hook, step over spinning hook and many more. For devastating impact use the back of the heel to strike and for lite contact sparring, extend your foot forward to slap with the toes.

Here are the basic steps laid out in a horizontal fashion as a quick reference guide. You may get the poster size of this by clicking on the picture.

Spin Hook Kick Guide Poster 1200x833

Now that you have the basic steps, you must practice them and refine your technique. Get those motor skills programmed in and fine tune the mechanics. As I said before, I would work with an instructor on the details because there are a lot of details in between each step and far beyond the scope of this guide.

Watch me use a variation of the spinning hook kick called step over spinning hook to try and smash a pumpkin. Yeah, I said pumpkin.