The following is a list of equipment students will require when participating in Olympic Taekwondo training. Though not used all the time, this gear will be needed often for training exercises. It is important to remember that Olympic Style Taekwondo involves aspects of a contact sport and in order to minimize injury students should maintain all their equipment.

Required Gear Main Diagram 1200x1162

Helmets Blank1. PROPERLY FITTED HEADGEAR – All students must provide their own red, blue or white headgear. Cracks or defects in the headgear will not be allowed. Red and Blue colored helmets should be matched with Red and Blue colored chest protectors. A white helmet can be worn with either color of chest protector.


Mouth Guard22. MOUTH GUARD – All students are REQUIRED to use a mouth guard while participating in sparring. A mouth cover may be used for those with braces. Mouth guards can be single or double guards.



Hogu 510x5473. PROPERLY FITTING CHEST PROTECTOR – All students must provide their own red and blue full body WTF chest protector. Chest protectors (Hogus), must cover valid scoring areas, armpit to hip bone. All chest protectors must wrap around and cover the back of the athlete in the valid scoring area.



Forearm Guards 421x5004. FOREARM GUARDS – Forearm guards are REQUIRED and it is recommended that students get quality foam, cloth or vinyl products.





Groin Guard Male 500x4045. GROIN PROTECTION – All male students are REQUIRED to wear a protective cup inside the pants during sparring activities. This is optional for female students. It is a good idea to get students into the habit of always wearing this protection while in class.



Shin Guard6. SHIN/INSTEP PROTECTION – Shin/instep protection is REQUIRED and it is recommended that students get quality foam, cloth, or vinyl products. The guards can be purchased as a single guard which includes an attached instep protector or as separate shin and instep pieces.