1. BE SAFE! - Pay attention at all times and never engage in fighting, goofing around or horseplay. Do not wear any jewelry while participating in classes as it can harm others and yourself during training.

2. RESPECT OTHERS, YOURSELF, THE TRAINING SPACE AND EVERYTHING IN IT – Treat those around you with great respect and refrain from cursing, put-downs or derogatory comments. Take pride in who you are, your appearance, your character, and exercise self-control at all times. Participation is a PRIVILEGE for everyone, NOT AN ENTITLEMENT and should be treated as such. Take care of your training space and everything in it. Keep your belongings together and in designated areas. Keep street shoes off the mats.

3. BE RESPONSIBLE – Be on time! If you have an injury, inform an instructor before joining class or training. If you become injured while training inform an instructor immediately. Never misuse what you learn and always take responsibility for your own actions.

4. LEAVE BAD ATTITUDES AND NEGATIVE EMOTIONS OUTSIDE - Arrive ready to work, learn, and train with others while carrying a positive attitude. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves while learning and its each person’s responsibility to ensure they do not adversely affect others. If you do not want to be here, leave right away or do not come in at all.

5. GIVE 100% - Never short change yourself and others by not giving your all each and every class.

6. DO NOT ENTER OR LEAVE CLASS WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION – If you must leave a class early for any reason, please inform an instructor before doing so. If you have arrived late and wish to join a class in progress, wait for permission to do so.

7. PERSONAL HYGIENE - Keep yourself and your uniform clean. You will be learning side by side with others and you do not want to torture fellow students with nasty smells that can arise from poor hygiene or a dirty uniform. Make sure to keep fingernails and toenails trimmed as they can cause injuries to those you train with.

8. NO GUM CHEWING – Never chew gum while training!