How can you help fund MARTiAL YOU?

Well, that is a great question. You may give a tax deductible monetary contribution or gift, volunteer your time or your services to help with the project. As of July 27, 2011 all donations are tax deductible.


We also accept equipment donations, promotional services or goods and will consider temporary space for our programs until we are situated in our own facility.


Fundraising will also be an important part of how MARTiAL YOU generates revenues to get started and maintain operations. If you are able to contribute by means of a fundraising event, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 207-745-7380 to let us know how you can help. You may also write us and send your letter to:


donatecheckMARTiAL YOU
P.O. Box 282
Carmel, Maine 04419

martialyou-donateAll donations of any kind will be directly applied to and used by the MARTiAL YOU non-profit organization and no where else. If you donate a sum of money it will be used to pay overhead (facility lease, electricity, heat, payroll if any etc.). If you donate equipment or materials of any kind they will be used 100 percent for the center’s students or facility. If you donate your time as I hope many will, we will try to apply it where Martial You needs it the most and what best matches your skillset.

No one is going to use any donation of any amount for any other purpose besides MARTiAL YOU operation.

In today’s society there are many great causes to donate to. If you find yourself interested in what MARTiAL YOU represents and wish to make a donation, trust that anything you decide to give will be greatly appreciated and well used.


If you do decide to contribute to our cause by way of monetary donation please read and make sure that you understand our "Donation Terms & Conditions" before continuing. These set terms are in place to protect both you and Martial You from fraudulent activity.

Thank You
Shawn Hill (Founder)